Zoom will support Apple M1 Mac computer officially on 21st December

Zoom will support Apple M1 Mac computer officially on 21st December

If you are using Zoom app on Apple M1 Mac to enjoy virtual holiday get-together, you will be happy to know that soon there will an upgrade arriving to the video calling app in timely fashion. As per a report by 9to5Mac, Zoom is introducing a 21st December update that allows the application natively support Macs. You might have to grab one separate installer; however you will probably want to be interested in this than running Zoom by using a code translation.

The application was a major drain on the Apple M1 Macs. As per a forum member of MacRumors, the battery life of the Mac dipped by 17 per cent in a 2.5 hour-long video call. The native code might enhance the battery life further, though, as well as could boost the overall performance if you are running the non-native application along with other apps.

Meanwhile, the new update will also enhance the non-verbal feedback, let you send text message on the mobile as well as help you to add the cloud contacts. For now, it can be said that M1 Mac support will be one of the most noticeable update if you have been using any of the latest Apple computers to stay in touch with your close ones during the coronavirus pandemic. 


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