Zendaya returns in grim trailer for ‘Euphoria’ holiday special

Zendaya returns in grim trailer for 'Euphoria' holiday special

Rue is back.

HBO has released the first trailer for the “Euphoria” holiday special, which picks up after the events of Season 1. Dripping with melancholy, the teaser shows a diner meetup between Rue (Zendaya) and Ali (Colman Domingo), whom she met at her Narcotics Anonymous meetings. “Why’d you call me?” asks Ali to a downcast Rue.

In August, Season 1 saw a tense ending with a rift between Rue and her new friend and love interest, trans girl Jules (Hunter Schafer), as well as a relapse. The first season of the edgy teen drama followed recovering drug addict Rue; violently troubled jock Nate (Jacob Elordi); and erotic One Direction fan-fiction writer and budding camgirl Kat (Barbie Ferreira), among others.

Zendaya became the youngest lead actress Emmy winner at 24 when she scored a statue for the role, beating more seasoned actresses in the category, including Jennifer Aniston (“The Morning Show”) and Laura Linney (“Ozark”). It was followed by a brief tizzy online when her fans got confused about why her victory was referred to as an “upset.”

Season 2 of “Euphoria” has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic and does not have a premiere date, though filming is expected to start in 2021. The teased special, called “Part 1: Rue,” is one of two that will fill in the long wait between Seasons 1 and 2.

The second special does not have a release date. The first part will air Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.