Your own home business: everything is at home


Of course, in this era, balancing work and family may be a challenge. Most of us are working hard, trying to keep up with the bills and overall cost of living. The cost of everything is rising: food, utilities, natural gas, insurance, and day care, to name a few. It is difficult to keep up and still have a good time with your child. Therefore, more and more people choose to start a business at home.

Although working from home can indeed bring you closer to your family, it also requires a consistent and organized approach to meet the needs of your business and family life. To be successful, you must find ways to invest time in starting and growing your business without being distracted by family affairs. You will have to manage your tasks and optimize your time. If you or your spouse have a permanent job, careful time management will be even more important. By setting limits and carefully planning, you can manage your time and priorities so that your family can become an asset of your business instead of distracting.

First, consider how to allocate specific business tasks between you and your spouse. Plan your work, and then execute your plan. For example, when one spouse is engaged in traditional work in the workplace, the other spouse may stay at home and spend time doing business work, writing and publishing advertisements, researching, requesting products, etc. In the evening, when the spouse returns home from the office, that person can take over tasks such as replying to emails and phone calls for training and prospecting purposes, while the other takes care of the children and housework.

Also, consider recruiting your children for your family business. They may be able to help with certain tasks. Your older children may be able to take care of younger siblings at certain times of the day or night. Children can also help by preparing mailing items, cleaning the office, and organizing and filing paperwork (but don’t be surprised when you are asked to increase the allowance!).

Talk to your family and agree on the importance of your home business. Let them understand your requirements for each member and yourself. Get their understanding and cooperation. Limit personal use of the phone to specific times so that your line does not get into trouble during working hours (or better yet, consider installing a second phone line for business only). Enact laws that require family members not to leave your office area during working hours. To make it easier for them to follow your rules, please try to coordinate your work schedule with family activities, and schedule some non-working hours at key times of the day, such as when your child comes home from school and eats. Be sure to discuss your business hours with family and friends. Inform them of your work hours and ask them not to visit or call you while you are doing business.

Work hard, build your family business, and keep going! Let the whole family know what you are doing and what you need from them. You may find that everyone is willing to help out as much as they can. The rewards will be worth it and you and your family can benefit for years to come.

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