You Have Heard of ‘Among Us’, Now Get Ready for ‘Among You’

You Have Heard of 'Among Us', Now Get Ready for 'Among You'

Among Us has been all the rage in recent times. The 2018 title gained huge popularity during the pandemic. One of the reasons might be the fact that we are locked inside our homes while this game recreates the idea of playing fun party games with friends. So much has the popularity of Among Us grown, that a YouTuber has made his own single-player version of the game.

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The YouTuber, going by the name of Tokaint, made a game that is essentially a spin-off of Among Us on a different map. If you do not how AU works, here’s a small explanation: you join a group of crewmates in a spaceship and complete various tasks. However, there will be an impostor among the crewmates, whose job is to kill the crewmates without getting caught. It is quite similar to the common party game “werewolf/mafia”.

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YouTuber makes a Singleplayer Among Us Game, calls it ‘Among You’

Yes, that is the name of the game. Even the opening screen says, “There is one impostor among you.”

So, what is Among You? You play as a detective who is investigating the murder of the crewmates. You have to fish for clues in the various sectors of this new map (which, by the way, looks pretty impressive). As you pass the corpses of the crewmates, you can see their spirits, and sometimes they provide you clues as well.

However, your objective is not to just solve the murders. The impostor is still at large, and his bloodthirsty hands await you. So, you have to find all the clues before the impostor gets you for good. Talk about a good twist, huh? Moreover, the game does have an atmosphere that will give you the creeps.

Overall, Among You is a different and impressive take on the game, and in the video, Tokaint shows you how he made it from scratch. Well, go check out Among You and let us know if you like it!