Yankees eager to get Jasson Dominguez’s career going



TAMPA — Jasson Dominguez is widely considered the Yankees’ top prospect. Now he just has to play a game.

“He hasn’t played a minor league game yet,’’ general manager Brian Cashman said of the 18-year-old Dominguez, who signed with the Yankees for $5.1 million in 2019. “Despite his name, his notoriety, his signing bonus, he’s now one of many. He’ll be competing for a roster spot. On what roster that turns out to be remains to be seen.”

The outfielder is among those players who had their development sidetracked by the cancelation of the minor league season a year ago, which would have been his first full season of pro baseball.

“We need to get his career going, just like a number of prospects we have that had their development stalled because of COVID,’’ Cashman said. “We look forward to getting minor league baseball back. There’s no way to [get better] besides playing in games. It’s vitally important we get that back sooner rather than later.”

In the meantime, Dominguez remains in the Dominican Republic, waiting for his chance to play professional baseball.

“He’s like everybody else in the minor league population,’’ Cashman said. “Waiting for a minor league spring training report time and see where it takes him.”


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