WWE’s Vince McMahon reportedly paid $12M in hush money to 4 women


 More controversy is swirling around Vince McMahon.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the former World Wrestling Entertainment chief executive paid more than $12 million in hush money to four women to cover up allegations of sexual misconduct and infidelity.

All four women were reportedly involved with WWE.

The Journal reports the women signed agreements with McMahon that prohibit them from talking about potential legal claims against – or their relationships with – McMahon.

McMahon recently stepped down from his leadership role while an investigation is conducted into another Wall Street Journal report of an alleged affair with a former employee – who is among the four women mentioned in the new report.

McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie, is filling in as interim CEO and chairwoman.

WWE has not issued a comment on the Wall Street Journal report.