WWE Hall of Famer Trashes Jake Paul After the Huge K.O Win Over Nate Robinson

WWE Hall of Famer Trashes Jake Paul After the Huge K.O Win Over Nate Robinson

WWE Hall of Famer, The Iron Sheik, took to Twitter to issue a challenge to Internet sensation Jake Paul. The latter defeated former NBA player, Nate Robinson, in a boxing bout earlier tonight.

The Legend is famously known for his banter and social media slaughters on various other Superstars. He has taken digs at Hulk Hogan and many other sports and entertainment celebrities.

The Sheik called Paul a ‘Jabroni.’ The Hall of Famer also promised to make Paul humble by breaking his back with the famous wrestling move, camel clutch.

From questionable statements to exhibiting reckless behavior, Jake Paul is one of the most notorious celebrities around. Being one of the biggest YouTubers, he is no stranger to controversy.

As he has grown in his career, Paul has become the stereotypical bad boy who enjoys some trash talk. However, in his match with Robinson, he walked the talk.

Jake Paul humbled Nate Robinson with a dominant performance

After weeks of talk, it was finally time for putting words aside and showing some action. Nate Robinson, a former NBA superstar who retired two years back, faced Internet sensation, Jake Paul.

Robinson came charging out of his corner in the first round; however, he fell quickly to the canvas after a punch behind his ear by Paul. The second round saw Paul floor Robinson again.

The bout ended as a right hand from Paul sent Robinson face-first onto the canvas. Robinson required medical attention before getting to his feet after a heavy knockout punch.

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