Why Trump lawyer David Schoen covered head while sipping water


David Schoen unwittingly gave Twitter a lesson in orthodox Jewish customs during former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on Tuesday.

Schoen, Trump’s attorney, rested his hand on top of his head each time he took a sip of water while making his opening argument that the case is unconstitutional.

Several viewers noted Schoen’s seemingly unusual drinking habit, with some even suggesting he was trying to keep a toupee from falling.

“Is anybody going to acknowledge the way David Schoen is drinking water?” one user wrote.

But the lawyer was likely making the ritual move because he is religiously observant.

Rabbi Menchem Genack, CEO of the kosher division of the Orthodox Union, explained that since Schoen is an observant Jew, he must cover his head and say a blessing whenever he eats or drinks.

Former President Donald Trump’s attorney David Schoen is seen covering his head each time he takes a sip of water during the impeachment trial.
congress.gov via Getty Images

“Each time we eat or drink something we say a blessing to thank God and we cover our head, typically with a yarmulke, to show respect and to acknowledge that there’s someone above us,” Genack told The Post.

“Since he wasn’t wearing a yarmulke he wanted to at least cover his head with his hand.”


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