Why is the Bahrain Grand Prix a Night Race in F1?

F1-Bahrain International Circuit

The Bahrain Grand Prix is one of the most celebrated weekend races that the F1 calendar has. Subsequently, the hype for this race is extremely vivid among the drivers and the spectators too. The track is extremely challenging, which lifts the spirit of the race.

The Bahrain International Circuit hosted the maiden race to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of F1 in 2014. However, since then the authorities announced the night schedule for the particular Grand Prix. The F1 authority, along with the senior authorities, concluded that such a decision would take the sport to the pinnacle of thrill and excitement. Audience count was also a major factor.

Reasons to maintain a night schedule for the race

The number of spectators for the race, since its emergence in the F1 calendar, has been sky high. Subsequently, it is night races that attract spectators from Arab.

In an interview, the chairperson of the Bahrain Circuit, Zayed Al Zayani, explained this matter to the media. The flooding crowd at the stadium convinced him to stick by the night schedule. Conversely, season 2019 recorded 97,000 viewers in the circuit attending the race.

He conveyed, “One disadvantages we have had to contend with in the past has been that Sunday is a working day in Bahrain.”

“That made it very difficult for the fans to be here at 3 pm when coming out of school or work.” He continued, “With the 6 pm start it will make it easier for them to finish up their normal routine on Sunday and be here on time to watch the race.”

The Circuit chairperson concluded by stating, “It also gives us an opportunity to capture the Saudi market, the largest market in the Gulf, because they have time to come over.”

There were reasons stated by the F1 Managing Head, Ross Brawn, too. The Bahrain track is one of the most challenging tracks in the F1 calendar. To experience the utmost thrill and adventurous drama under the flooding night light will hook every fan to the race.

The following reason stated was about the factor of lap time, which was extremely quick and the racers would cover the distance of the circuit in a brisk of the moment.

He remarked, “We assessed a number of options for the alternative circuit layout,” he finally stated, “concluded the outer circuit will provide the best alternative and will provide a new challenge for all the teams and entertain all our fans with high speeds and fast lap times.”

The beauty of race under the night sky with lights flooding in the circuit is breathtaking. To experience such a soulful, charming event, one must watch Bahrain Grand Prix.

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