Why do you need a creative agency?


You are just launching your first business into the world. You have a name, NIP (tax identification number), REGON (statistical number) and a place in your eye. You don’t even go to an advertising agency, because what for?

The brand will promote itself, the idea is great, customers will notice it right away. In Word, a logo is created and a business card selected on the basis of several hundred ready-made designs found on the Internet. Ba! You still pay PLN 20 for it and tell yourself that it is not a cost. Well, it’s not, but you can’t call it a good project either.

Unfortunately, these are fatal practices. The company is at a standstill – it is not developing, there is no influx of new customers. You scour the web for solutions: what’s next? You create your company profile on FB, post a few funny posts, print new leaflets. You are thinking about an advertising agency, but this is an unnecessary expense, a bad moment, because the company is not making money yet.

You operate dynamically, at high speed around the clock. You have thousands of ideas and you want to implement each of them. You double and triple and continue to fragment. What to say – even a large advertising agency would not have as much energy in creating new projects as you.

You still think that an advertising agency is not for you. You spend days and days perfecting your word and paint skills, but still don’t see the real returns on this investment.

You go to a friend who studied photoshop, gimpa or some other graphic program at school. Together, you sit all day on one business card and flyer design. You are finally printing! You are satisfied with the results of your work when you suddenly hear from one of your clients that the number on the business card is invisible – it is difficult to read it. But why? Maybe because you wrote it with some strange font…. You can’t stand it and you are looking for an agency that will take care of your image. Well, you just lost a lot of time and money.

What is a creative agency / advertising agency?

This slogan can hide a lot. And a freelance graphic designer, and a design studio, and a whole team of various marketing specialists. Because there are agencies and agencies. There are those that require the client’s own idea, even co-creation of the project, and those that will prepare everything from start to finish, explaining concepts and opening up new fields for action. They will become your business partner and guide, advising you on what will work for you and what will not be the best solution in creating a coherent image of your brand and clear messages for customers.

Let’s move on to the specifics, i.e. a few words about us.
We are a well-coordinated team that knows what it is doing. Sometimes our methods and actions are incomprehensible to customers, but they always lead to complete success. Each person is a specialist in his department with a lot of experience. We have been operating on the advertising market for over 10 years. We have gained experience at the largest agencies in our country.

We know perfectly well what it takes for our client to be fully successful. We care about the client’s image not only on the Internet, but most of all we deal with comprehensive marking of buildings, offices and premises. We design, manufacture and install LED 3D advertising. We are not afraid of challenges, therefore our specialists can guide you through the entire and very often complicated process of building your own website, store or internet blog.

In addition, we provide cameras, drone filming and editing of films, commercials and spots. We operate throughout Poland and beyond – so don’t be afraid to write to us or call us.
As a manufacturer, we provide all services ourselves – we do not rely on intermediaries, which affects the price but also quality.

 Source: https://us.jobsora.com/