Why did ‘SNL’ poke fun at Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott?



Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was randomly portrayed in an “SNL” sketch on Saturday night.

In the first sketch of the night, not including the cold open, host Kim Kardashian played Jasmine from the film “Aladdin” alongside Pete Davidson, who was playing a version of the character Aladdin who was worried he wasn’t man enough for Jasmine.

During the sketch, Kardashian tries to allay his fears. But they’re exasperated when Jasmine’s sister “Jourtney” — “We all have J names,” Kardashian as Jasmine said. (Get it?)

Jourtney’s boyfriend is Ezekiel Elliott, portrayed by Kenan Thompson, holding a football, sporting a bushy beard and puffy hair held up by a Cowboys headband.

The Cowboys (3-1) host the New York Giants (1-3) at 3:25 p.m. Sunday at AT&T Stadium.

Thompson’s Elliott mocks Aladdin for his small size while signing a football for him. The inclusion of Elliott was odd, random, and not very funny. Although Thompson’s look was amusing, that’s mostly only because Thompson can make just about anything funny.

During her opening monologue, Kardashian took a few pointed shots at O.J. Simpson, who her deceased father Robert Kardashian helped defend on murder charges in the 1994.

In a later sketch, NBA player Blake Griffin, actor and wrestler John Cena and former SNL cast member Chris Rock made appearances, along with comedian Amy Schumer, and actor Jesse Williams.


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