What Are the Very Basic Facts Which the Kids Should Know About the Associative Property in the World of Addition and Multiplication?


The associative property is the best possible way of making sure that explanation of the addition and multiplication of the numbers will be possible regardless of how they are perfectly grouped. By grouping in this particular system, people mean that numbers are given inside the parenthesis. Suppose people are going with the option of adding three numbers which will be two, five, six together and grouping of numbers in two different procedures have been carried out in the addition then there will be no impact on the entire result because it will turn out to be same all the time. Similarly, this particular rule will apply to multiplication as well and this particular property is very much similar to the commutative property where two numbers are only utilised. Hence, mathematical equations will always be having different kinds of manipulative principles and these kinds of properties and principles will always allow the people to solve the equation is perfect. Hence, one can very easily say that all these kinds of properties can be termed as the backbone of mathematics in all these kinds of areas.

The very basic properties which the people use in terms of solving out the arithmetic operations are:

  • Commutative property
  • Associative property
  • Distributive property

In the cases of associative property people always make sure that grouping has been perfectly carried out and the basic meaning of this particular word has been made from associate. The basic mathematical operations can be perfectly performed with the utilisation of the right properties which will be addition and multiplication and normally this particular property will apply to more than two numbers. In the case of commutative property, the order of grouping will never matter and it will never alter the result in the whole process. The grouping of numbers can be done in the parenthesis in respect of the order of items which is the main reason that this particular law will be very much capable of explaining the entire thing without any kind of problem.

The additional principal follows the associative property regardless of how the numbers are taken into the parenthesis and the final sum of the numbers will always be the same.

The associative property for multiplication is also very much successful and helps in making sure that people will be able to deal with things without any kind of problem and the product will always remain the same.

Hence, addition and multiplication are associative but division and subtraction will never be associated with the whole process.

The associative property of the rational numbers is also very easily prevalent in the whole world but is also there for addition and multiplication only. It will also follow the same rules as in the cases of basic numbers which is the main reason that kids will never face any kind of problem throughout the process. Depending upon the basic formulas and proof of all these kinds of properties is very much important for the kids so that there is no problem at any point in time and kids can score well in the exams.

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