Watch this raccoon ‘go shopping’ at Best Buy in Toronto

Watch this raccoon 'go shopping' at Best Buy in Toronto

This little guy somehow missed the memo about everyone shopping online this year.

A raccoon wandered into a Best Buy in Toronto on Sunday, and appeared to briefly peruse the electronics before being herded into a box and then carried outside by employees.

“He just wandered in the front door while no one was paying attention and made his way to the back of the store,” witness Jamie Muir told

“We tried coralling him to the front door,” said Muir, who captured the moment on video.

“But he absolutely didn’t want to leave because clearly it was awful outside and it was nice and warm inside.”

The soggy critter may have been seeking a break from Sunday’s snowstorm, Muir mused.

The raccoon failed to observe proper social distancing during his brief foray through the aisles, before workers were able to toss a box over him.

But at least he was masked.