Video shows elderly man climbing ladder to rescue pet parrot in NYC



A brave elderly man went to incredible lengths to try and save his beloved pet parrot on the Upper West Side Monday, video shows — before the FDNY then came to the rescue.

Footage shows the fearless retiree climbing a ladder to reach the feathered fugitive, which flew the coop ahead of a veterinarian visit.

The mischievous bird is then seen perching itself on his arm, delighting engrossed onlookers below.

But the momentary victory is dashed when the colorful parrot flies away just seconds later, the footage shows.

“Oh, s–t,” one disheartened man at the scene says.

Thankfully, responding firefighters then caught up with the bird at 87th Street and Columbus Avenue, where one used a net attached to a long pole to take the man’s daring pet back into custody.

FDNY saves an escaped parrot on the Upper West Side.
The FDNY saved an escaped parrot on the Upper West Side on March 22, 2021.

“Yeah, there you go!” a witness exclaims as the parrot frantically flaps its wings. “Grab him, grab him!”

Meanwhile, another person at the scene tells the assembled crowd not to clap, worried that it might scare off the bird yet again, video shows.

FDNY officials confirmed to The Post Thursday that the cheeky bird had been returned to its owner about 6:30 p.m. Monday.

“Ladder 25 was able to extend their aerial ladder to reach the branch where the bird was and a firefighter was able to bring the parrot down to safety,” the statement read.

No injuries were reported, FDNY officials said.


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