Valorant: Easter Eggs in Icebox Suggest Who the Upcoming Agent Might Be

Valorant: Easter Eggs in Icebox Suggest Who the Upcoming Agent Might Be

Valorant Act 3 has been having a good run so far as players are gearing up for the second Episode of the game (3 Acts make one Episode). In every new act, the game introduces a new agent, but before doing so the developers leave clues and Easter eggs to foreshadow the arrival of the said agent.

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Those who play the game might remember the Killjoy cutout in Split that used to be there before the agent was introduced into the game. As it turns out, there are a couple of Easter eggs currently in the game that hint at the arrival of a new character.

Looks like the devs have been adding certain elements here and there in the maps, specifically in Icebox, to foreshadow the arrival. Joe Ziegler, the Game Director of Valorant, recently confirmed it himself.

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Valorant Icebox currently has an Easter egg for a new agent

Many of you might know that Icebox is a research facility of some sort. If you have explored Site A on Icebox, you may have seen what is known as the operating or research room. If you take a closer look at the operating table, you will notice that there is what looks like a person in an ancient Samurai armor.

In addition to this, there is a major Easter egg outside the perimeter of the map. Near the seashore, you will find that there is a huge ship lodged, or rather half-buried, in ice.  However, there are 3 cranes that seem to be performing some sort of excavation to uncover this ship completely. If you take a closer look at the ship, you will realize that it is similar to the ones that were used in 15th Century Japan, during the Sengoku Period.

The body of a Samurai, and a frozen ancient Japanese ship? Things just got interesting, didn’t they? Although this is still just an assumption, we believe that this is the very seed of the story of the upcoming agent in the game. Most likely, the Kingdom Employees (those working at the Icebox facility) will be bringing this character to life, maybe like a Frankenstein’s monster type of deal.

We can only know for sure in the first Act of the upcoming Episode, of course. Well, looks like things are going to get a lot more interesting in Valorant soon!