Utah man allegedly spiked his ex’s coffee with meth



A Utah man allegedly served his ex-girlfriend a cup of coffee laced with meth, jolting her into a drug-charged panic attack, police said.

Alax Joe Curzon, 41, is accused of bringing his ex the cup in bed in a home they still shared in Hyrum on Nov. 23 – but the “out of character” gesture wasn’t as kind as it seemed, according to Fox 13 Salt Lake City.

The ex – who wasn’t named – immediately “starting feeling energetic” but later came down hard and suffered cold sweats, KSL-TV reported, citing a police booking affidavit.

“She described what she thought was a panic attack without feeling like she was panicking,” the affidavit said, according to the station.

The woman visited a doctor the following day and a took urine test, which came back positive for methamphetamine and amphetamines, according to Fox 13. Curzon, who told his ex she looked “cracked out,” sent her a text message saying he hadn’t seen any meth that could last so long, the TV station said.

Curzon allegedly admitted to using meth the same morning as the coffee incident, and a test of the unwashed mug came back positive for meth or ecstasy, according to Fox. When Curzon was taken into custody, he was found carrying a meth pipe, reports said.

The ex told police her ex-boyfriend’s mental state had her scared he “might kill her,” according to the affidavit.

Curzon was arraigned virtually on Monday on charges including surreptitious administering of a certain substance and possession of drugs within a correctional facility, Cache Valley Daily reported. He was being held with $5,000 bail, the report said.


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