Twitter trend blasts ‘worst relationships’ using zodiac signs

Twitter trend blasts 'worst relationships' using zodiac signs

Dissing on a star: Horoscope heartbreak hell is here, honey!

Star-crosses lovers — emotionally distressed by the traumas of paramours past — are making full use of Twitter’s 280 character limit, damningly detailing their “#WorstRelationship” experiences with exes by zodiac sign.

Subscribers to the long-standing belief that the stars divinely dictate the good and bad in our personal lives are taking to cyberspace, blaming the twinkling celestial bodies for being out of alignment in their failed love affairs.

Earning social media’s gold star as the most abominable astrological sign to date is Gemini — anyone born between May 21 and June 20 — narrowly beating out Scorpios and Sagittarius for first place in the digital dishonors.

Symbolized by the celestial twins, Geminis are sometimes stereotyped as two-faced demons who often exhibit duplicitous behavior. And unfortunately, online bellyachers had no problems airing out their soured-sweethearts with shady prejudices typically pinned to the air sign.

“Worst Relationship … It was a Gemini. She was twice the terror,” one user tweeted, echoing the pains of another scorned lover who wrote, “My worst relationship was with a Gemini. This man was so two-faced I felt like I was the one cheating on him instead of the other way around.”

While most Geminis agreed that significant others born under the sign are usually bubbling over with bad-romance mess — seeing one tweeter write, “As a gemini my worst relationship was with a gemini so yeah, most of the time we suck” — others were completely unfazed by haters trying to digitally dim their star sign.

“All the people listing and saying to stay away from Geminis in the worst relationship trend just can’t handle the greatness,” a proud Gemini wrote.

Not all hope is lost for future and current Gemini lovers.

Superstars such as Kanye West (June 8) and President Donald Trump (June 14) were both born under the Gemini moon, and they’ve found love.