Tom Hanks Crashed a Gay Beach Wedding & Their Reactions Were So Cute





Tom Hanks crashed a Los Angeles wedding earlier this week, and the moment was quite special for the happy couple.

According to Fox LA, Hanks was jogging through a park when he stumbled upon this Santa Monica beach wedding. “After watching from afar, he approached the couple to congratulate them on their big day.”

Diciembre and Tashia Ferries say they were shocked to see the actor alongside their guests. “There’s Tom Hanks!” said one. Hanks asks the crowd if the bride and groom were around, was informed that it was a same-gender wedding, then exclaimed “Oh get out!” He quickly rushed to congratulate the couple, calling it “one of the most beautiful ceremonies” that he’d “ever seen.”

The couple got pictures with Hanks alongside their one-year-old son.

“Our wedding was already a dream to me,” said Diciembre. “To finally marry her – this was our day. And everybody we love was there, and… Tom Hanks just walks up! Out of all days, out of all people, he walked on the beach today. It was meant to be.”

She added, “For us to be two women – yes it’s 2021, but it’s just unfortunately not accepted everywhere yet – but it’s like he didn’t even see that.”

How cute! Congrats to the happy couple!


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