Tom Brady gave out his number, so we texted him



Tom Bradyyy, I’ve got your number! (Sung in Tommy Tutone’s 1981 Jenny (867-5309) tune)

The seven-time Super Bowl champion posted a video to Twitter on Monday afternoon telling his 1.8 million followers to “hit me up at (415)612-1737,” in what he described as an effort to better acquaint himself with his fans.

“So this is a real first for me,” Brady said in the video. “But I’ve been talked into giving out my cellphone on the internet!”

When you text the number, a community link pops up with an automated message from the 43-year-old Buccaneers quarterback.

“What’s up! Yes, this is actually Tom Brady,” the message reads. “This message is automated but everything else will come directly from me, on my phone. Click the link and add yourself so you’re in my contacts.”

The reigning Super Bowl MVP, who signed a one-year contract extension with Tampa Bay through the 2022 season this offseason, said there is only one rule when it comes to texting him, and also joked that he expects to get a lot of ‘you suck’ messages from Jets fans.

“Rule No. 1 before we get into any of this, no texting on game days,” he said. “Really though, what this is, it’s a tool that will allow me to communicate more directly with my fans and my followers, where we can actually do a better job of responding to you and your questions and all the great messages.

“Sometimes it gets hard to sort through the ‘You suck Brady!’ in the comments. I know there’s quite a few over the years, it’s usually from the Jets fans. But to be clear, if you do text me, ‘You Suck,’ yes I’ll see it. I may or may not respond. So shoot me a message, I promise I’m going to get back to as many of you guys as possible when I have the time.”


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