‘They’re going to hang you.’ Woman berates pro-mask judge at Texas grocery store



A Texas woman angry about COVID-19 mask mandates confronted a judge shopping at an H-E-B grocery store in San Antonio, calling him a traitor, communist, and supporter of the devil, video shared by the woman shows.

The video begins with the woman already berating Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, who is pushing his grocery cart toward the exit while she follows behind, recording the confrontation.

Wolff has been an outspoken advocate of mask wearing as a means to control the spread of the coronavirus, which aligns with the advice of medical experts.

“You’re a communist Nelson Wolff, you’re a traitor,” the woman, whose Instragram handle is ashleyrockshair, said.

As she trails behind Wolff, a masked H-E-B employee comes up to speak with her. “You’re a traitor, too,” she tells him, before turning her attention back to the judge.

She keeps following Wolff through the parking lot, yelling at him the whole time.

“How are you going to support the devil and not God? Straight communism,” she said.

Wolff goes about loading his groceries as the accusations continue.

“You’re going to go to jail, they’re going to hang you. Treason, crimes against humanity, Nuremberg trial. You’re going down,” the woman said. “You better enjoy your freedom while it lasts, buddy, and you got to answer to God.”

At that, she walked away, ending a tirade that lasted roughly 3 minutes, 30 seconds.

Wolff shared a statement with McClatchy News regarding the incident.

“I realize, after a year and a half, we all are experiencing COVID fatigue from wearing masks and other public health guidelines. Now is not the time to stop and let our guard down,” the statement said. “Our numbers are coming down slowly. Let’s keep this downward trend going. Mask up, keep social distance, and sanitize.”

Wolff declined to comment any further.

H-E-B, which has hundreds of stores across Texas, changed its policy in June to make mask wearing optional for vaccinated employees, vendors or customers to wear masks.

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