“They Say My Whole Boxing Career Was a Mistake” – Roy Jones Jr Aims to Shut Down Critics in Mike Tyson Fight


Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr is determined to prove all his doubters wrong yet again. The icon of the sport, who many consider the greatest pound-for-pound fighter ever, will return to the ring to face Mike Tyson. The legends will battle it out in an exhibition fight on November 28, 2020. After the weigh-in, where both fighters successfully made weight, Jones Jr had his say on how he will win the fight.

Roy Jones Jr throwing a left hook
Roy Jones Jr hits Antonio Tarver with a shot to the head during their WBC Light Heavyweight Title bout. Jones won on a split desicison Claim The WBC Light Heavyweight Title. (Photo by Steve Grayson/WireImage)

Speaking to Barrie Egat after the face-off, Jones Jr first fired back at his critics who said it was a mistake for him to return. He said, “There’s many things that people thought was a mistake in my lifetime. I make a lot of mistakes. They say my whole boxing career was a mistake. And I love it. They say I did everything wrong, but it worked out right.”

Speaking about the fight itself, Jones Jr sounded confident that he could overcome ‘Iron’. said, “I can’t tell you how to do it, it’s going to probably look wrong, so I know if I try to tell you it’s probably going to sound wrong, but it’s going to turn out right. Trust me”.

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How can Roy Jones Jr beat Mike Tyson?

It will be a tough ask for Roy Jones Jr to beat ‘Iron Mike’. However, if anyone possesses the boxing IQ to outbox one of the most powerful fighters ever, it is ‘Captain Left Hook’. The 51-year-old will have to try to maintain his distance and control the fight. He can then take the fight into the latter stages and break down Tyson.

Roy Jones Jr in the ring
Roy Jones Jr walks back to his corner during his bout against Antonio Tarver. Jones won on a split desicison Claim The WBC Light Heavyweight Title. (Photo by Steve Grayson/WireImage)

This will not be easy since Tyson has stated his desire to keep coming at ‘Superman’ Jones Jr. However, this is what will make the fight interesting to watch. Both fighters differ drastically and have different advantages. It all comes down to how they can use it. Do you think Roy Jones Jr can prove the doubters wrong and get the win?