“There’s a really ugly side to KG”: Popular NBA Columnist Shares Intriguing Story About Kevin Garnett


Kevin Garnett is one of the greatest power forwards of all-time. He was renowned for his tenacity and versatility on the court. KG was a dominant, intense baller.

ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan, in a recent appearance at the Bill Simmons’ podcast The Book of Basketball 2.0, discussed how Garnett’s defining character was his intensity.

MacMullan said, “Kevin Garnett’s a bully and he’ll bully you and he’s waiting for you to bully him back and if you don’t he’s done with you, he’s moved on to the next and there’s a million stories about that.

She shared an intriguing story about Garnett and a fellow rookie Patrick O’Brian.

“One of them was with Patrick O’ Brian. So he was playing in practice. After practice, he was a big kid, not doing particularly well. Clifford Ray was the big man coach for the Celtics he was working with him afterwards so KG sees him he goes down there he starts trying to bully Patrick O’ Brain get a rise out of him, he’s slamming him he’s blocking his shots, he’s talking trash to him and Patrick O’Brian just isn’t that kind of dude you know.

“So he’s just taking it all his thought is Im not going to let him get a rise out of me and Garnett spent half an hour trying to get a rise out of him never got it. Got disgusted, threw a towel down, stormed out of the gym and then tortured this kid for the remainder of his very short Celtics career because he didn’t clap back.”

MacMullan added, “There’s a real ugly side to KG but that’s just because he’s the most insane guy i’ve ever seen.

The legendary career of Kevin Garnett

There are some players who you love when they are in your team and just hate to play against them if you are the opponent. Kevin Garnett was that player.

Garnett was a player who fed off the intensity on the floor. He was a player who wanted the beef and became a better player on the court because of that.

Kevin Garnett


KG was the main man in the Timberwolves. He had to do it all in Minnesota: defend the basket and score for them too.

Even though he carried the team to multiple playoffs, he could never win a championship. Frustrated with the lack of success with the team, he got his trade to the Boston Celtics.

In the Celtics, he formed a big three with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Garnett got his much awaited first ring with the Celtics in 2008.

KG’s intense approach to the game finally took its toll on his body. A string of injuries degraded the 15-time All star’s performances in the latter part of his career.

Kevin Garnett has paved the path for other power forwards like Anthony Davis but no one can match the intensity with which he played.


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