Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes lookalikes draw attention at trial



Don’t blink, you’re not seeing double.

Social media was abuzz Wednesday after a gaggle of blondes, sporting pulled-back, messy buns and black blazers, were spotted outside of the courthouse waiting to get a seat at the trial of disgraced Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes.

“Elizabeth Holmes has arrived at the courthouse and is surrounded by cameras. Three of her fans try to catch a glimpse without losing their spot in line,” tweeted Law360 reporter Dorothy Atkins, who included a photo of the backs of the young women.

“Are these Elizabeth Holmes cosplayers?” tweeted one user, referring to “costume players,” or people who like to dress up as others.

Another simply posted an old photo of the trio of Charles Manson girls all dressed in the same blue dress and purple overcoat entering the courthouse for the Manson family murders of 1969.

Holmes Holmies outside the courthouse
A trio of Holmes fans dubbed “Holmies” waited outside the courthouse to see the Theranos founder stand trial for criminal fraud.

In a later tweet, Atkins confirmed that one lookalike said they were “fans” without elaborating further as to why they were at the courthouse dressed in Holmes’ signature black turtleneck and blazer look.

The bizarre fanbase for Holmes, the 37-year-old exec who raked in billions of dollars by lying to investors about her now-defunct company’s technology, has largely flown under the radar.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes at the courthouse.
Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes in the courthouse for her criminal fraud trial.

Dubbed “Holmies,” the Holmes doppelegangers congregate in corners of social media platforms where they profess their allegiance to the Theranos founder and praise her boundless ambition — even if her success was built on a lie.

Elle, the women’s magazine, recently shed some light on the existence of these groupies, who gather on platforms like TikTok, and find each other via the hashtag #GirlBoss to praise their “leader” and “queen” Elizabeth Holmes.


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