Terrell Owens is apparently not done with Donovan McNabb beef, wants to fight former Eagles QB



You thought Ben Simmons was the only source of sports drama in Philly? Not when Terrell Owens has a microphone in front of him.

During a recent appearance on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, the Hall of Fame wide receiver reignited his long-dormant beef with former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. Owens told Fox Sports’ Shannon Sharpe that if he had to fight someone in a boxing match, he would choose his old teammate.

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“I’m dead serious. Shannon, I’ll knock him out,” Owens said. “I’ll be controlled. It’ll be controlled anger. I’d be like a Navy SEAL. I’d be a Navy SEAL because, you know, they’re cool, calm under all conditions. But there would be a fire burning inside of me.”

When Sharpe asked Owens if he would really aim to knock out McNabb, Owens made it clear that he would not be searching for a win via decision and threw in a jab about McNabb’s old ad campaign with Campbell’s Chunky Soup.

“Clean out,” Owens said. “I’d knock Chunky Soup from him, from 2004, trust me. … I know, going in there, you can’t just go in there, reckless abandon. You’ve gotta be strategic, everything. But trust me, believe me you, that would be my intent.”

Owens and McNabb found great success together in Philadelphia during the 2004 campaign, as both players earned Pro Bowl nods and were instrumental pieces in the Eagles’ run to Super Bowl XXXIX. The Patriots defeated the Eagles to win back-to-back championships, but Owens shined on the big stage (nine catches for 122 yards). McNabb’s performance (30 of 51, 357 yards, three touchdowns, three interceptions) was a bit more up and down.

Years after that Super Bowl loss, Owens claimed that McNabb had partied the night before the game. He also leaned into rumors about McNabb vomiting during the fourth quarter of that Super Bowl, which McNabb has denied ever happened.

The Eagles kept the dynamic and dysfunctional duo together for part of one more season, but it was clear that the relationship was beyond repair after Owens openly criticized McNabb and team management. Philadelphia officially released Owens in March of 2006. He blamed the team’s move on McNabb, of course.

You know that old expression “Time heals all wounds”? Yeah, that’s not really working here.

Let’s check in with Owens another 15 or so years from now to see if his feelings have changed.


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