Spotify Adds Ability to Search Songs by Lyrics and Launches New App

Spotify Adds Ability to Search Songs by Lyrics and Launches New App

Spotify will be introducing a new feature that will give its users the ability to search songs by lyrics this week. The new search function, which is been long anticipated, will become the users’ second-nature within no time.

Lin Wang, the designer of Spotify, shared this happy news on Monday through a tweet. The feature is available on Android or iOS and in its initial tests showed that it functions as expected. The team tried a couple of examples of Spanish, Hindi and English lyrics and discovered the right song. That apparently won’t be true for obscure songs.

It is still not clear which service really is providing lyrics transcription to Spotify and the company has also not clarified anything regarding the same. In July this year, Spotify had collaborated with Musixmatch for providing real-time lyric for karaoke-style music. As such, this collaboration might have grown meanwhile. The company has worked along with Genius also for a pretty long time.

Notably, the lyric search feature can be accessed through Apple Music since a few years; however some people subscribe to several music services. The ones using Spotify ecosystem would no longer have to shuffle between the app and Google, until they arrive at the correct song.


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