Soho Karen Miya Ponsetto wishes she apologized differently



Miya Ponsetto — the woman dubbed “Soho Karen” after she falsely accused a black teenager of swiping her cellphone at a Manhattan hotel — told The Post on Monday that she regrets her non-apology to the boy and his family last year.

“I just wish I had apologized differently,” Ponsetto, 23, said as she waited for her hearing in Manhattan Supreme court, in her first in-person appearance in months.

Her attorney Paul D’Emilia revealed during the brief hearing that Ponsetto — who pleaded not guilty to hate crime charges in June — has been seeking therapy and trying to “schedule” anger management classes back home in California.

Ponsetto grabbed headlines after she was caught on video accusing Keyon Harrold Jr., 15 — the son of jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold — of stealing her iPhone and then trying to tackle him in the lobby of the Arlo Soho Hotel on Dec. 26, 2020.

Before she was arrested in January, Ponsetto spoke with “CBS This Morning” anchor Gayle King for a now-infamous TV interview in which she downplayed the incident and claimed she couldn’t be racist because she is a “woman of color.”

Miya Ponsetto allegedly attacking Keyon Harrold Jr. at the Arlo Hotel.
Miya Ponsetto allegedly attacking Keyon Harrold Jr. at the Arlo Hotel after falsely accusing him of stealing her cell phone.
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The cringeworthy sit-down featured Ponsetto in a black cap with the word “Daddy,” rudely interrupting by raising her hand and declaring “Alright Gayle, enough” when King pressed her.

“I feel sorry that I made the family go through, like, all of that stress. But at the same time, it wasn’t just them going through that,” Ponsetto told the host.

Miya Ponsetto
Miya Ponsetto told The Post “I think I made a mistake.”
Steven Hirsch

She later added: “I’m sincerely sorry to the family and the dad and the son for making them feel as if I was racist towards them when that is not my intention.”

Outside the courtroom on Monday, Ponsetto appeared a lot more subdued, sitting hunched over on a bench as she made calls, her long black hair hanging over like a curtain.

“I feel like I made a mistake,” she told The Post in a soft voice, before going back to her phone.

The former cheerleader from Simi Valley, Calif. had been warned by a judge that she would need to come back to the Big Apple for the hearing.

Miya Ponsetto
Miya Ponsetto pleaded “not guilty” to hate crime charges in June.
Ventura County Sheriff via Sipa

She wore a quintessential New Yorker outfit for the occasion: Head-to-toe black — including a long coat, slacks and pointy, heeled pumps — save for a white surgical mask.

Her sartorial choices were a far cry from the questionable hat she wore to CBS interview, or the crop top and leggings she’s previously been trashed for wearing in court.

Ponsetto didn’t speak during the hearing, where Justice Laura Ward set a Jan. 10 trial date.

Miya Ponsetto and attorney Paul D’Emilia
Miya Ponsetto’s attorney Paul D’Emilia says she has had trouble scheduling anger management sessions.
Steven Hirsch

Ponsetto’s attorney explained to the court that he was awaiting a “progress report” from her therapist, as well as a “possible diagnosis” for his client.

He added that Ponsetto was “having trouble scheduling anger management sessions” that he wants her to attend.

“I’m confident that when we are done with that we can reach resolution in this case,” D’Emilia said.

Miya Ponsetto
Miya Ponsetto has also been sued by the Harrold family over the incident.

Ponsetto has also been sued by the Harrold family over the incident. That case is still pending.

Additional reporting by Morgan Grenz


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