Social media users knock White House Christmas decorations



First lady Jill Biden’s holiday decorations drew some jeers Monday, with one user wondering, “Where’s the color?,” another slamming the White House Christmas tree as “ugly” and a third pining for the more glitzy touch of Biden’s predecessor, Melania Trump.

The first lady tweeted a photo of the 18-foot-tall Fraser fir tree in the Blue Room shortly before officially unveiling the decorations in the rest of the executive mansion.

“Where’s the color? Looks like a giant tree with night lights all over it,” one Twitter user wrote

“It looks okay. It needs more color. A little bit of red will make that tree come alive,” another said

Others were even harsher in their criticism.

“Ugly pagan Christmas tree btw,” one tweeted

One user unfavorably compared the tree to one that adorned the White House during the presidency of John F. Kennedy.

“I kind of miss normal Christmas decorations though,” the person tweeted, sharing a photo of Kennedy and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy standing in front of a tree decorated with candy canes, ornaments and candles.

Another called the decorations surrounding the White House East Wing “commercial ugly” while describing Trump’s decorations as “beautiful.” 

“Melania always oversaw beautiful Christmas decorations at the White House. It may not have been her favorite task but they were tasteful & lovely. Critics went out of their way to slam her. This us [sic] tasteless crap the $1 store wouldn’t put up. Fake presents/commercial ugly,” they said

While first lady, Melania Trump was sharply criticized for her decorations — which included 40 blood-red trees — with many likening them to the backdrop in a horror film. 

At the time, Trump defended the decor, saying “everybody has a different taste.” 

Dozens of social media users likewise praised Biden’s decorations, calling them “normal” or a “beautiful contrast” to the last administration’s. 

“Elegant splendour back in the White House thanks Dr Jill. You have class. And once again we can smile at your elegance instead of past tackiness,” one said, taking a swipe at Trump.

Christmas trees and decorations.
“It looks okay. It needs more color,” one critic said about this year’s Christmas decorations.
Ken Cedeno/Sipa USA via AP
Jill Biden with White House tree.
The White House Christmas tree arrived last week from Jefferson, North Carolina.
Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

“Thank you so much for decorating the White House in a way that doesn’t require hours and hours of therapy later,” another tweeted.

The tree, which arrived at the White House last week from Jefferson, North Carolina, is brightly lit with white lights and is decorated with gold and silver ornaments. The tree is also adorned with white doves listing all US states and territories in alphabetical order.


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