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The Knicks had a couple of gut-wrenching losses to the Sixers in the past week. Julius Randle has vented his frustrations with some poor officiating. The Knicks All-Star forward and company need to put Sunday’s heartbreaker in the rear view mirror, though. They have two games against the lowly Wizards they really need to win before the schedule begins to get difficult with fewer than 30 games remaining in the regular season. Will Randle have one or more new teammates by the end of the week?

To talk about the trade deadline and whether the Knicks should make a move, along with everything else going on with Tom Thibodeau’s team, we bring you a new episode of the “Big Apple Buckets” podcast with Sal Licata and Jerome “The Junk Yard Dog” Williams, featuring quite the story from JYD on the time he was traded from the Pistons to the Raptors in 2001.

Big Apple Buckets Podcast Opening Segment with Sal, JYD & Jake:

  • LOSS TO SIXERS: Should refs have called that foul on Julius Randle? Should Knicks be mad with officiating? Should have won that game and the game in Philly. A couple of rough losses.
  • GETTING HEALTHY: Derrick Rose could be back soon after dealing with COVID. Knicks need reinforcements and need to beat the Wizards twice this week, before they slide in the standings.
  • RANDLE’S FRUSTRATIONS: JYD says he doesn’t want Randle to be compared to Rasheed Wallace in terms of arguing with officials and getting technical fouls. Stronger and bigger than most players, so he won’t get all the calls.
  • TRADE DEADLINE: Should the Knicks make a deal or should they stand pat? Evan Fournier? Victor Oladipo? JJ Redick? Is it worth making a deal and hurting team chemistry potentially? Nobody thought the Knicks would be this good. They can still be the No. 4 seed without making a deal.
  • AUSTIN RIVERS: Seems like his days with the Knicks are numbered. Could be a buyout candidate. Had a few fun moments, but once Rose got here, he didn’t have much use in the rotation.
  • BEING AT THE GARDEN: Proof of vaccination will now allow you into Knicks games beginning April 1. Ticket prices not as insane as we thought. Anxious to be back in MSG next month.


Inside The Dog House:

JYD tells the wild story in 2001 when the Pistons traded him to the Raptors at the trade deadline. He found out on the phone from a reporter before his agent called him. He was at a funeral that day for his teammate Mateen Cleaves’ brother. He drove to Toronto from Detroit in middle of a snowstorm to get to the first practice. His Raptors team ended up beating the Knicks in 2001 playoffs before losing to the Sixers by a point in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, which Tim Donaghy officiated.

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