She thought she won $300 — but her lottery ticket was worth much more in South Carolina



A South Carolina woman thought she won $300 — but she wasn’t done checking her lottery ticket.

“I scratched a little more and realized I was going to have to go to Columbia,” she told the S.C. Education Lottery.

That’s where she claimed her prize, which ended up being $300,000, officials said Friday.

The woman, who wasn’t identified in a news release, got the big windfall after shopping for groceries in North Augusta, roughly 70 miles southwest of Columbia. At a Food Lion store, officials said she bought items to make hash and tried her luck on a $10 ticket for the Xtreme Purple Multiplier game.

A pot was heating up in the kitchen when she scratched her ticket and discovered she had hit the jackpot.

“The hash tasted a whole lot better,” said the woman, who had trouble sleeping after the big win.

It turns out, the winner beat 1-in-900,000 odds to score the prize. She kept $207,000 after taxes, according to S.C. Education Lottery spokesperson Holli Armstrong.

It’s not the only time a South Carolina lottery winner has been mistaken about a big prize.

In September, officials said a man believed he won $3 but actually had scored much more money.

A few months earlier, a player was missing a few zeroes when she first checked her $300,000 ticket, McClatchy News reported in April.


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