Shannon Briggs Not Going to Let Mike Tyson Beat Him up: “I Gotta Get My S*** Together”

Shannon Briggs Not Going to Let Mike Tyson Beat Him up:

Mike Tyson has delivered on his promise by putting on a heavyweight showdown against Roy Jones Jr in their recent exhibition clash on November 28. The 54-year-old vowed to appear in several such fights in the future and he might have just got his next challenge already.

In a pool full of big names, multiple-time heavyweight title winner Shannon Briggs has been adamant on bagging a fight against ‘Iron’ Mike. Earlier, when Tyson had revealed his boxing return, Briggs openly threw himself into the mix. However, it was Roy Jones Jr. who received the final contract.

Well, Tyson is done with ‘Captain Hook’ and it might be the right time to test himself against’ ‘Cannon’. Since both of them are natural heavyweights, it further validates their possible fight.

Meanwhile, Shannon Briggs turned to social media. He posted a picture on Instagram and shed light on some unknown facts about the matchup. He also turned to a live session to talk about the whole scenario.

Shannon Briggs has his eyes on Mike Tyson

If the Instagram post doesn’t showcase Brigg’s urge, his recent live interactive session clearly will. ‘Cannon’ believes that Tyson has regained his confidence and is finally ready to face him.

Speaking on it, Briggs said, “If they call me, I gotta get my s**** together. So I am get ready for the play, you get me? But you know it’s going to be a dirty fight because he is from the Vile and I am from the Vile. And I look up to him and I ain’t gonna let him just beat me down. Never gonna happen. So I am gonna fight like I fight for my freedom. I am fighting hard so it would be a devastating fight.”

Mike Tyson
LAS VEGAS, NV – MARCH 16: Heavyweight fighter Mike Tyson fights Frank Bruno in a scheduled twelve round WBC heavyweight title fight March 16, 1996 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tyson won the fight by TKO in the third round. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

He added, “I know everybody was curious, what the champ gotta say. It won’t be like one popcorn. It will be on. Now he (Tyson) got his confidence back. He is going to feel like yo he don’t come smoking in front of him right now.”

If things fall in place, it will be an alluring heavyweight thriller to see. Meanwhile, there are several other options underlying ahead of Briggs. That said, Tyson might opt to enter the ring against any other boxer. What would you make of this fight?