Sex tape filmed on Belgium church altar prompts cleaning with Holy Water



A Belgian church needed to cleanse an altar with Holy Water after a couple filmed themselves having sex on top of it, a report said.

The man and woman, who were not named, made their own Holy Communion inside Sint-Michiel church in the city of Bree and the footage went wide on social media, the Brussels Times reported.

The diocese and worshippers were shocked over the unholy smut shot in their church.

“From our church, intimacy was made public and put up for grabs in the media,” Dean Jaak Janssen said in a radio interview cited by the Times.

“In this way, the meaning of the church building and the altar were wronged,” he went on. “The place of honor to God was profaned. Many people are shocked.”

A couple filmed themselves having sex on the altar of a Belgian church, prompting a holy water cleanse and prayers from worshippers to scrub out the sacrilege, a report said.
A Belgian church used Holy Water to cleanse an altar where a couple filmed themselves having sex.
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Holy Water was sprinkled on the altar and a prayer was said before services over the weekend, according to the report. The couple is taking the case all the way to a magistrate court-ordered training course “that makes them think about their actions and their impact.”

They admitted to public indecency and distribution of pornographic material, the Times said.


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