Seahawks’ DK Metcalf, DeeJay Dallas say Eagles should bench Carson Wentz and start Jalen Hurts

Seahawks' DK Metcalf, DeeJay Dallas say Eagles should bench Carson Wentz and start Jalen Hurts

Carson Wentz still has Doug Pederson’s vote of confidence ahead of the Eagles’ Week 12 matchup with the Seahawks on “Monday Night Football.” But a few of Philadelphia’s upcoming opponents think it’s time for Jalen Hurts to be given a chance.

Seattle’s DK Metcalf and DeeJay Dallas both voiced their opinions on Instagram on Monday night, saying that they think it’s time for the Eagles to start Hurts instead of Wentz. Metcalf, a second-year receiver, and Dallas, a rookie running back, are just the latest to add fuel to the fire surrounding Wentz’s job security.

Below is the Instagram post on which Metcalf and Dallas both commented. Their answers are in response to a question posed by ESPN betting analyst Jordan Schultz. 

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PoliticSay’ Joe Rivera recently analyzed the decision-making behind keeping Wentz as the starting quarterback in Philadelphia, and the answer is simple: The Eagles enter Week 12 leading the NFC East. There’s risk involved in turning to a rookie in Hurts who has so far been used more as a gadget player. 

The short responses from Metcalf and Dallas obviously don’t capture any of that nuance. Maybe they want Hurts to be given a chance because they truly believe it’s his time, but they could also be recommending a move that increases Seattle’s chances of winning in Week 12 to stay atop the NFC West. 

Metcalf and Dallas also have something else in common in their suggestion: Neither will be on the defensive side of the ball against Wentz. The Seahawks have allowed the most passing yards in football in 2020, making Week 12 a potential get-right game for Wentz.

It’s not like Wentz needed any more motivation to play well while getting bombarded in what is the pressure cooker in Philadelphia all season. He’s thrown two interceptions in six separate games this season, and while the Eagles are leading the NFC East, they’re only 3-6-1. 

Metcalf and Dallas might not have accounted for a key factor, though: Wentz is 3-0 this season in prime time. If there was ever a week for him to keep starting, it’d be this one against a bad defense under the lights. The Seahawks’ youngsters will have to wait until the clock hits zero Monday night to know whether they were right.