Samsung’s Galaxy S20+ hits an all-time low of $899 for Cyber Monday

Samsung's Galaxy S20+ hits an all-time low of $899 for Cyber Monday

Samsung may have announced the Galaxy S20 and S20+ near the start of the year, but they’re still among the best Android phones you can buy at the moment. We gave the phones scores of 87 and 85, praising them for their vibrant and fluid 120Hz QHD displays, long-lasting batteries and versatile cameras. With their high-end Snapdragon 865 processors and ample 8GB of RAM, both handsets won’t leave you wanting for a faster phone either. The only issue we had with them was their inconsistent autofocus, but Samsung has since addressed that problem with a software update.

If you prefer the size of the smaller S20, don’t feel like you’re missing out if you don’t go for the more expensive S20+. The former does make some tradeoffs, but they’re mostly minor ones. The S20+ technically has the better rear camera system with the extra inclusion of a time-of-flight sensor. In theory, the component is supposed to help the S20+ render a more realistic background blur when taking a photo in portrait mode. But in practice we didn’t see a noticeable difference between the portrait mode shots we took with the two phones. The S20 also comes with a smaller 4,000mAh battery and doesn’t have the necessary antennas to take advantage of mmWave connectivity. Again, you’re not missing much since mmWave spots are few and far between at the moment. Either way, if you end up picking up the S20 or S20+, you’ll have a capable smartphone for years to come.

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