Samsung may reportedly not give up on Galaxy Note lineup

Samsung may reportedly not give up on Galaxy Note lineup

Samsung reportedly might not discontinue its Galaxy Note series anytime soon. As per an official from the company, the Korean tech giant is planning to release one all-new Galaxy Note device the following year. Previous reports suggesting that the tech giant is suspending the device line made headlines earlier in December. 

According to Reuters, instead of introducing one new Galaxy Note device, Samsung will be adding stylus support in S21 as well as its soon-to-be launched foldable phones. 

The company has reportedly also redirected resources that it would have utilized for the manufacturing of one new Note phone towards the manufacturing of one new foldable phone. 

Recently, TM Roh, chief of Samsung smartphone had confirmed the plans of bringing some most loved features of Note to other devices from the Galaxy series. He did not reveal much about the S21 supporting S Pen; however, his revelation might have sounded somewhat like one unofficial confirmation of the demise of Galaxy Note series to a few people. 

As per the official from the company, Roh’s message; however, does not imply that the Note series would be discontinued. 

Though there might be some new Note gadgets announced in the days to come, the official did not say that if the series will be retired or will stay after the coming year.