Russell Wilson’s Seahawks predicament could be ‘worse’ than thought



The Seattle Seahawks have not been happy that star quarterback Russell Wilson publicly has aired his frustrations with the organization in recent weeks.

But has it gotten to the point that the franchise has seriously entertained offers to trade the seven-time Pro Bowler?

“I think the situation is worse than I previously believed…Listen, if the Seahawks are not at least having conversations about the possibility of a Russell Wilson trade right now, they are committing malpractice,” NFL Network insider Mike Silver said on the air Wednesday. “Because clearly he is that unhappy. It’s not like he just made one comment after the season. He made two or three.

“And when your agent comes out publicly and says, ‘I would play for one of these four teams’ and your client has a no-trade clause, you’re not doing that if you just strictly want to stay.”

Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers told ESPN last week that the quarterback had not demanded a trade and wants to remain in Seattle, but the only teams he would accept a trade to are Dallas, New Orleans, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Russell Wilson on Dec. 27, 2020
Russell Wilson on Dec. 27, 2020
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The 32-year-old Wilson, who signed a four-year contract extension worth $140 million with a full no-trade clause in 2019, said last month he was unsure if he was available via trade. He also expressed a desire to be more involved in the franchise’s decision making.

“Listen, obviously Russell Wilson is unhappy,” Silver said. “He seems to be unhappy with the way he is communicated to by head coach Pete Carroll, by the lack of willingness to let him have input into the offense, which led to the departure of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, and by how much he’s getting hit, which came from his own mouth.

“And the Seahawks are not happy with the way this has gone down since the end of the season and obviously [with the] the cap hit, it’s a complicated situation. So I believe that they will listen to offers from any of those four teams, and Wilson obviously has some control because of the no-trade clause.”

Seattle is coming off a 12-4 regular season before suffering a first-round playoff loss to the rival Los Angeles Rams. Wilson, who was sacked five times in the loss, also complained last month that he gets hit too much.

“I think Pete Carroll regards himself as a problem solver and will try to figure out a way to patch this up,” Silver said. “But unless things get a lot better, even if he does come back, think about what is on the line in a very tough division in this upcoming season.

“Because if it doesn’t go great, are you going to trade Russell Wilson after the season or are you going to tell Pete Carroll, ‘Hey man, it’s been a great run but we’re going to bring in a coach that Russell Wilson wants to play for.’ I’m not saying that would happen, I’m just saying there are a lot of balls in the air and this is not a great situation right now.”


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