Relatives mourn Brooklyn woman killed by backhoe



The home health aid who was killed by a backhoe driver in Brooklyn Friday was remembered as “generous and loving” by her distraught loved ones on Sunday.

Heartbreaking video obtained by The Post showed a yellow construction vehicle striking 61-year-old Estelle Davis with its shovel before running her over and dragging her along the corner of New Lots and Van Sinderen Avenues in East New York.

Two of Davis’s godchildren came by her East New York home to light four candles on the stoop Sunday.

“This the hardest pill to swallow. I don’t get it. She was a pastor. She loved God,” Tiffany Bowen, 30 told the Post.

“She lived like an angel, and when she died I know she died as an angel. I know she gained her wings,” Davis’ emotional goddaughter said.

“This had got to be a dream.”

Estelle Davis' godchild Tiffany Bowen speaking about the accident.
Estelle Davis’ godchild Tiffany Bowen speaking about the accident.
Gregory P. Mango

Bowen’s brother, Wayne Mendoza, 43, fondly remembered his godmother’s caring and generous nature.

“She was so beautiful. You meet people in life and they do evil stuff. This woman was so beautiful. She worked as a home health aid. She helped people. And then some idiot comes and hits her and runs her over,” Mendoza said.

“She didn’t have to die like that.”

Davis was married to a man named Cleveland and had no children of her own, but was always doting on others, her godchildren said.

“Every time I gave birth to each of my kids, she was there. There was no holiday, not Easter, not Christmas, not Thanksgiving when she wasn’t there. She didn’t care what holiday, but she was there with us,” Bowen said.

“After Christmas she would always say, ‘Don’t take down your Christmas tree. I’m gong to bring you more gifts,’” the heartbroken goddaughter added.

“She would come to our house and give us money, and nobody even asked her for money. She just gave it out. She was just so nice,” Mendoza recalled.

Wayne Mendoza and Tiffany Bown hold candles to memorialize Estelle Davis.
Wayne Mendoza and Tiffany Bown hold candles to memorialize Estelle Davis.
Gregory P. Mango

Investigators are still looking into the horrific incident, and no arrests have been made, police said.

“I don’t understand how somebody could just take her from us, just like it’s nothing. How do you take somebody like this? How do you do it when she was just a good person?” Bowen demanded.

“Every day of her life that I knew her she always told me, ‘I love you.’ Those were her main words — ‘I love you.’”


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