Realtor who took a private jet to the Capitol riot says she plans to practise yoga, detox from alcohol, and lose 30 pounds in jail



Jenna Ryan

Jenna Ryan.CBS 11

  • A Capitol rioter who flew to DC in a private jet is preparing herself for her jail sentence.

  • Jenna Ryan said in a Sunday TikTok post she plans to practise yoga and lose weight in jail.

  • The Texas realtor said that if she loses weight “it will be worth going to prison.”

A Texas realtor who flew to Washington, DC, on a private jet and took part in the Capitol riot said she plans to practise yoga, detox from alcohol, and lose 30 pounds in jail.

Jenna Ryan, who pleaded guilty to a single federal misdemeanor charge of parading on Capitol grounds, was last month given a $1,500 fine and sentenced to 60 days in a Texas jail, according to court documents seen by Insider. The documents show she is due to go to jail sometime after January 3 — almost one year after the insurrection.

In a TikTok posted on Sunday, Ryan discussed what she plans on doing in jail, adding that her main goal is losing a weight.

Posing in front of a mirror in a sports bra and yoga pants, Ryan said: “I have to report to prison and the only thing that I can see that is good about going to have to go to prison, is that I’m going to be able to work out a lot and do a lot of yoga and detox.”

She adds: “And also I can’t eat because the food is awful and there’s just no food. So, hopefully, they have like some protein shakes and some protein bars I think, because you don’t want to eat like ground baloney that’s what they have to eat.”

Ryan then filmed herself stepping on a scale in her bathroom, saying: “So I’m thinking that I can get down to 140, so 30 pounds in two months. If I do that, then it will be worth going to prison for 60 days.”

“You have to look at the bright side at everything you do and that’s what I’m trying to do. So wish me luck!”

Ryan’s TikTok channel was verified by Insider as it was linked to her Twitter account, which she cited in recent interviews as well as in an official letter to a judge last month.

Earlier this year, Ryan bragged about taking a private jet to Washington and called storming the Capitol “one of the best days of my life” on social media.

During the insurrection, Ryan posted Facebook Live videos to her social media, where she could be seen entering the Capitol via the rotunda, court documents said.

A few months after the attack, she maintained that she would not be punished for her actions, tweeting she was “definitely not going to jail” because she has “blonde hair,” “white skin,” and “a great job.”

During her sentencing last month, she wrote a four-page letter to the judge apologizing for her actions on January 6 and said the tweet about her not getting jail time was taken out of context.

At least 702 people have been charged in connection to the Capitol insurrection so far.

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