Razer made a $60 RGB cooling fan with MagSafe for your iPhone



Razer has announced its latest smartphone accessory: the Razer Phone Cooler Chroma, an RGB-light infused cooling fan for your iPhone or Android device that’s designed to help cool down your phone during intense gaming.

The Cooler Chroma fan comes in two versions, both of which cost $59.99: a magnetic model that’s compatible with Apple’s MagSafe accessory system that snaps right onto the back of your iPhone, and a model with a “universal clamp” for Android devices or iPhones without MagSafe.







Despite its mobile-focused design, the Cooler Chroma fan doesn’t seem to have a built-in battery, meaning that you’ll need to plug it into a USB-C power source when you want to use it (which will likely limit how useful it’ll actually be for gaming on the go).

As for the actual cooling properties of the Cooler Chroma, Razer notes that it features a seven-blade fan that spins at up to 6400 RPM, a thermoelectric cooler, and an aluminum heat sink to siphon off excess heat from your phone. There are also 12 customizable RGB lights, of course, because it’s a gaming accessory.

The Razer Phone Cooler Chroma is available now from Razer’s website.


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