Raptors still hopeful of a potential Goran Dragic trade



Yet I continue to hear that nothing has changed — to this point — when it comes to a potential Dragić relocation. The Raptors are surely still hopeful that a yet-to-materialize trade market does develop. Dragić is earning $19.4 million in the final year of his contract, which could require what was described to me as “patient creativity.”
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Josh Lewenberg @JLew1050
Nurse said he hasn’t had a chance to speak with Dragic after his DNP-CD last night, but spoke with him before.
Was he understanding?
“Yeah, sure.” – 12:36 PM

Doug Smith @SmithRaps
Banton/Dragic wasn’t about either of them, Fred VanVleet rebounds like a shorter (much shorter) Wilt and the morning after look at the Raptors game
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Josh Lewenberg @JLew1050
The Raptors Beat is back on @TSN1050Radio from 10-11am today. Join @Nikki_Reyes and I as we look back at the opening week of the season, hand out our KLOW points, and make predictions for the upcoming week. We’ll also chat with Goran Dragic. Listen live: https://t.co/duqS1wQHHW pic.twitter.com/GOJepzghAN8:42 AM

Josh Lewenberg @JLew1050
Nurse mentioned a couple things that went into the decision to go with Banton over Dragic tonight. The first is obvious, he’s been impressed with Dalano and wanted to get him more run. But also, he wanted to get Boucher going and liked that pairing with Chris/Dalano. – 10:17 PM

Josh Lewenberg @JLew1050
Banton about to check in ahead of Dragic. – 7:53 PM

More on this storyline

However, you could understand why Raptors fans may have felt slighted. Dragic could too, at least in hindsight; he’s apologized for his comments multiple times since making them. He knows that first impressions are hard to get back, but he’s trying to make amends. “It came out wrong,” Dragic said at Raptors media day on Monday. “I did apologize and I want to apologize right now too. It was not my intention.” “But the organization and the players welcomed [me]. It was really nice, all the guys are nice. They want me to feel comfortable and I do feel comfortable… I’m a professional, playing in this league for 14 years, so I love basketball. I’m gonna do everything that it takes to be part of this team and to help young players to grow.” -via TSN / September 30, 2021

How long will Dragic be in Toronto? That remains to be seen. By all accounts, the team is still hoping to move him ahead of the trade deadline, extracting an asset or two from a club that’s gearing up for a title run. The odds of him being a Raptor past February are low. Even still, there’s plenty that he can offer a young team like the Raptors. -via TSN / September 30, 2021

The Raptors acquired Dragic in exchange for Lowry and his status with them has been reported as potentially headed towards a buyout. While Dragic is too talented to simply be waived, the Raptors will be hard-pressed to find a team eager to pay him $19 million this season. He could be headed towards a buyout if he’s still on the roster past thetrade deadline. Alternatively, he could be used as salary ballast as part of a larger deal and then subsequently bought out by his new team. -via HoopsHype / September 25, 2021


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