Public relations starts on the internet


Public relations is the conscious communication of a person or a company in order to build trust in the company and increase its competitiveness in the marketplace. And you also need PR. Why? Because access to information has become so widespread that each of us is screened by others, and we also look for information about certain people or events. This happens when looking for a job, collecting opinions about the company and submitting a request for given services.

The Internet says a lot about us

Thanks to the Internet, each of us can learn a lot about others. Unfortunately, this also has its drawbacks. First of all, a large part of the information is not verified or presents an incomplete description. That is why I often warn the followers of the saying: No matter what they say about you, it is important that they say that they reflect on this wrong attitude. We often observe that a few negative entries in online forums or in opinion websites undermine the reputation of companies or individuals. In this way, a new phenomenon for private and public persons is emerging, which is the wise presence on the Internet.

Tell about yourself, otherwise the competition will do it

I will only emphasize that this is the moment to take your own initiative. If we don’t write our own story, others will do it for us, and they may have the wrong intention. I remember a comment by an expert who emphasized that whoever does not exist today in social media or other areas of the public internet may become a point of interest for secret services. Because suspicious people do not appear in the search results of web browsers.

Certainly, the influence of public relations is not limited to the Internet. Each of us creates our own image. It is influenced by the lifestyle, perception and evaluation of the world, way of speaking, good manners or the lack of them, the ability to establish and maintain relationships with people and many other factors that we can call humanity. Those who can consciously and regularly emphasize certain messages and understand the needs of recipients, adapting to them, practice personal PR. It is difficult and unrealistic to take care of your image from time to time. PR is based on a certain consistency. Creating, as they say today, a “personal brand” is a long-term self-commitment task. The brand should reveal the truth about ourselves.


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