Police arrest a heavily armed Virginia man near US Capitol

Police arrest a heavily armed Virginia man near US Capitol

An armed man from Virginia was the third individual taken behind bars close to the US Capitol over the past 3 days as the law enforcement tries to secure the region for Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day. 

On Sunday afternoon, 22-year-old Guy Berry was arrested for possessing a pistol sans a valid license and carrying unregistered ammunition and a huge ammunition feeding gadget, as per the WJLA. 

The firearm could be seen clearly in the holster as berry walked close to the National Mall in Washington, said the police. 

Berry possessed 3 large-capacity magazines as well as over 3 dozens of unregistered ammunition, says the report.

A woman from Connecticut was busted on Saturday after the police say she tried to make her way into one security checkpoint by imitating to be an officer. 

Just a day earlier, another Virginia man who was heavily armed was charged post he tried to get in via a checkpoint along with fake inaugural credential. The police discovered him with unregistered gun as well as over 500 rounds of unregistered ammo. 

Following the fatal 6 January uprising on the Capital Hill, the National Mall has been shut to public and the citizens have been urged to avoid visiting the region.