Pill-pushing cop’s drugs killed my son, mom claims in lawsuit

Pill-pushing cop's drugs killed my son, mom claims in lawsuit

A mom says a cop who was busted for his alleged role in a drug ring sold her son the narcotics that led to his overdose death, new court papers show.

Ryan Bornschein died on Sept. 4, 2019 “from a combination of narcotics that were sold and personally delivered to him by an officer of the New York City Police Department, Joseph Recca,” alleges his mom Jessica Bornschein’s petition asking a judge to let her bring a late claim against the city.

The three-year veteran cop was arrested in July along with two others for allegedly running a pill-pushing operation on Long Island.

The investigation was sparked by the 28-year-old son’s death.

“The death of my son was an extremely traumatic and life-altering event, which not only took me quite a long time to understand and process what had occurred to my son, but was only made more traumatic by way of police investigations along with media coverage,” the mother said in an affidavit.

Matthew Rosenblum — a criminal defense lawyer for Recca — declined to comment on the case as he hadn’t had a chance to review the court papers.

“My heart goes out to [Jessica Bornschein] and every other mother and family and all victims of this horrible affiliation on our society,” Rosenblum told The Post.

Recca is not named as a defendant in the suit.

The NYPD and the city Law Department did not immediately return requests for comment.

Additional reporting by Craig McCarthy