Pete Davidson wants to bathe with Machine Gun Kelly



Pete Davidson dropped a bath bomb.

The “Saturday Night Live” star told close pal Machine Gun Kelly that he would like to bathe with him during another Instagram Live on Calvin Klein’s social media page.

“I still think we should be in a bubble bath. We should wash each other in our Calvins, in our undies and feed each other apples and stuff,” Davidson, 28, told MGK, 31, while getting their nails done together on Tuesday.

MGK’s girlfriend, Megan Fox, famously shared an apple with Kourtney Kardashian – the sister of Davidson’s new romantic partner, Kim Kardashian – in a recent Skims photo shoot.

Davidson made the admission after MGK (real name: Colson Baker) gifted him a loofah during the Instagram Live.

Fortunately, the “Bloody Valentine” singer didn’t burst Davidson’s bubble, telling him, “I agree,” and suggesting that they also play Sudoku while taking a soak.

The two also bonded over being “losers,” with MGK at one point confessing that he wishes he could go back in time and attend high school with Davidson.

Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson on Instagram Live for Calvin Klein.
MGK presented Davidson with a new loofah during their latest Instagram Live on Tuesday.
Calvin Klein/ Instagram

“You know what’s one thing I wish? If I had a time machine, it’s that we went to the same high school together,” MGK said. “We both would have been losers, but at least [we’d be] together.”

Davidson agreed, telling him, “Yeah, I needed a friend to be a loser with.”

Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson on Instagram Live for Calvin Klein.
The pals both got fresh manicures while discussing their bathing desires.
Calvin Klein/ Instagram

MGK then chimed in again, saying, “That was my mistake. I was a loser by myself and it just made me angry. It would have felt funny if you would have been a loser with me.”

The “King of Staten Island” co-stars later noted that just a few years ago, they were both in a “weird spot” in life. MGK was staying on Davidson’s couch at the time, and they felt “like losers” in high school all over again.

“It was really nice to share the whole world hating you together,” Davidson joked.

Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson on Instagram Live for Calvin Klein.
Both stars also reflected on their “loser” status.
Calvin Klein/ Instagram

Davidson and MGK also took over the Calvin Klein account on Monday night, where they stripped down to their skivvies and talked about their penises.

“I’m a grower for sure. I’m not really a grower or a shower. It’s actually the same small and hard. It’s actually a scientific wonder,” Davidson shared.


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