Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore, the NFL’s reigning top defender, tests positive for coronavirus

Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore, the NFL's reigning top defender, tests positive for coronavirus

Stephon Gilmore, the popular cornerback of New England Patriots, has been diagnosed with coronavirus, thus marking a major setback for his team as well as the league during this pandemic.

The sad news was first reported by NFL Network and said that the cornerback was not experiencing any sort of symptoms.

The news of league’s reigning defensive player testing positive comes post Gilmore’s teammate, Cam Newton was also diagnosed with the virus and forced to remain in sidelines.

The team cancelled their practice on Wednesday as well as shifted a meeting between Bill Belichick, the New England Coach and the media to Thursday. For now, New England is ready to play a game with Denver Broncos this Sunday.

On Tuesday, the NFL issued new safety protocols for coronavirus in what’s called as their ongoing effort to play football safely this complete season.

As per these new enhanced protocols, the teams should maintain CCTV camera tapes of the training facilities at least for thirty days so that the league officials could review the footage to make sure compliance with guidelines.

Meanwhile, the clubs were also asked to maintain a schedule for players for staying in their locker room to better practice physical distancing.


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