Paige Spiranac hits back at trolls after Greg Norman comment

Paige Spiranac hits back at trolls after Greg Norman comment

Paige Spiranac is used to the internet commentary from her legions of followers, but there are certain remarks she won’t stand for.

Earlier this week, the “Playing A Round” podcast host, 27, joined social media in commenting on golfer Greg Norman’s bulging beach shot, updating his nickname to “hammerhead shark.”

When one follower quote-retweeted Spiranac on Wednesday with the message, “Complains about men commenting about her body, comments about a mans body. Can’t have it both ways, Paige.”

“I get this comment all the time. I want to set the record straight. I have never and will never complain about that. Just don’t call me a slut or a whore solely based on the tops I like to wear. It’s not that hard to understand,” Spiranac tweeted.

Although Spiranac received support from fans for the tweet, she made it clear she’ll stand up for herself if a certain line is crossed.

“If someone makes a joke about my tits, I laugh. I know my brand. But there is a line and guys cross it more than not. That’s the only time I will stand up for myself and say it’s not okay because it’s not. That’s the whole point of my original tweet,” she tweeted.

On Thursday, the social media influencer hopped on her Instagram story to send her 2.9 million followers a sweet Thanksgiving message.

“So thankful for all of you, so we’re almost through 2020, we can make it, and again, Happy Thanksgiving,” she said.