Over 1000 people were stuck overnight in a 9 miles long traffic jam in Japan

Over 1000 people were stuck overnight in a 9 miles long traffic jam in Japan

Over 1000 individuals in Japan sadly spent their Thursday night stranded on one highway in their vehicles, waiting in one traffic jam with little water or food during a massive snowstorm. 

The reports of traffic jam, which took place on Kanetsu Expressway that connects Niigata and Tokyo prefectures, started emerging Wednesday. Later, early Thursday, the authorities had shut down the entrance of the highway for relieving clogging. 

The traffic jam started post a vehicle got stuck under deep snow right in the centre of the expressway, bringing the traffic to halt, as per NEXCO (Nippon Expressway Company), the highway operator of the country.

The northern and central regions of Japan were hit with massive snowfall that day morning, affecting transit as well as causing power outage in a few communities.

The traffic jam built at its peak on the highway on Thursday night, stretching to around 9.3 miles, NEXCO informed CNN. A few sections of the traffic were moving slowly with stops and starts; however a few motorists continued to remain stuck in one place for over 40 hours.

Notably, the jam went on till Friday. The lanes that came from Tokyo cleared eventually; however, the lanes that headed into Niigata were halted still. As on Friday 12pm, there were 1000 cars stuck still. 


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