NYPD inspector faces internal charges after skipping meeting



A top NYPD inspector under scrutiny for “troubling” failures with his response to domestic violence cases in his precinct has been hit with departmental charges after skipping a mandatory meeting to answer for the lackluster performance, sources said.

Terrell Anderson, commanding officer of Brooklyn’s 73rd precinct, was a no-show at a Nov. 12 department sit-down that tracks domestic violence trends — despite being directed to attend by his senior officers because of “serious problems” with how he’s addressing the reports within his precinct, sources said.

In his place, Anderson, who was recently praised by Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Chief of Patrol Juanita Holmes, sent an “inexperienced” newly minted junior executive who just arrived in the command.

Sources said Anderson’s replacement was “unprepared” to answer for the under-fire inspector.

Terrell Anderson is the commanding officer of Brooklyn's 73rd precinct.
Terrell Anderson is the commanding officer of Brooklyn’s 73rd precinct.

At the time of the meeting, 355 domestic incident reports in the Brownsville precinct were left unaccounted for, sources said.

“Those are victims that had no follow-up,” a source fumed.

In the 28-day period leading up to the meeting, the source said, “there was no effort” to arrest an estimated 178 outstanding suspects in domestic violence crime.

The source added that domestic violence robberies were also up 200 percent in the same 28-day period under Anderson, while home visits were down 17 percent.

“These are people who had complaints that we never made contact with,” a source said.

In addition to the abysmal domestic violence stats, Anderson’s precinct has seen the most shootings in the city so far this year, according to the most recently available NYPD data.

Mayor Bill de Blasio
De Blasio had previously praised the officer at a November 18 “City Hall in Your Borough” event which Anderson was in attendance for.
Paul Martinka

But the precinct’s performance didn’t seem to matter when he was publicly lauded by both de Blasio and Holmes at a Nov. 18 “City Hall in Your Borough” event. Anderson, at the gathering, was called a “major asset to Brownsville,” sources said.

Anderson, who was in attendance, was featured in a glossy city hall-produced video that touted his success fighting crime, sources said.

The day after the event attended by de Blasio and Holmes, Anderson was “discourteous” when he was confronted by his superiors about skipping the meeting and his precinct’s lagging response to domestic violence reports.

Sources said the confrontation contributed to the charges against him, which include insubordination and discourtesy.

Terrell Anderson under 73rd precinct sign.
Anderson was a no-show at a November 12 department sit-down tracking domestic violence which has led to internal charges.

“The mayor swelled his head,” a source said. “He doesn’t feel like he answers to the department. Domestic violence victims are members of the community – and he feels like he answers to certain politicians that he has protection.”

Sources said the discipline for a precinct commander is an “extraordinarily rare move.”

If the charges are substantiated, Anderson faces loss of his command and possible demotion.

NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau was notified of the charges against Anderson.


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