NYPD cop outraged over bail-fail involving his attacker



A veteran NYPD cop who was nearly stabbed to death by a man in 2008 — only to watch the ex-con go free after allegedly attacking another officer Sunday — says he’s outraged by the revolving door of justice.

“It’s insane,” Queens Officer Demitrios Raptis said Tuesday to The Post, which exclusively revealed the mind-boggling bail-fail case involving his attacker.

“I could have died that night,” said the 42-year-old cop, who was brutally attacked by accused repeat cop-assaulter Isus Thompson more than a decade ago.

“I mean, six times to the abdomen,” Raptis said of being knifed by Thompson.

“The vest took a lot of it, the shirt and the vest,” he said of his protective police gear amid the brutal assault. “[The knife] hit my skin, too. If the vest didn’t take the impact of [the attack], it could have killed me.

“I think the guy should be locked up, shouldn’t be let out,” he added of Thompson, 38. “He could have killed this officer [Sunday], too. He should be behind bars. I don’t even know how he got out.”

Thompson served two years of a five-year prison sentence for attempted murder after pleading guilty to the attack on Raptis inside a Forest Hills park on June 6, 2008.

Isus Thompson in the hallway near his apartment 6F at 2615 Grand Concourse, Bronx.
Suspect Isus Thompson is seen in a hallway near his apartment at Grand Concourse, Bronx.
Kevin C. Downs

Raptis had caught Thompson smoking marijuana at the Ehrenreich-Austin Playground on Austin Street and was escorting him out when Thompson pulled a knife and jumped the officer, repeatedly stabbing him in the stomach, according to a criminal complaint.

The cop said he still has a scar as a reminder of the assault.

Then Sunday, Thompson allegedly randomly attacked another Finest in The Bronx.

Police have said Officer Kyo Sun Lee was on East 194th Street near Valentine Avenue in Fordham Manor when Thompson walked up to him and smashed him in the head with a weighted backpack.

Thompson was arrested on six charges, including felony assault, which would have allowed a judge to order him held behind bars or at least require him to make bail before he was put back on the streets.

But a prosecutor with the Bronx District Attorney’s Office only asked that the convicted cop attacker be put on supervised release, meaning he could remain free under the condition he periodically checks in with the court.

Bronx Criminal Court Judge Audrey Stone agreed to the request — a move that dumped Thompson back on the street.

NYPD officer Demitrios Raptis
NYPD officer Demitrios Raptis says ex-con Isus Thompson “should be behind bars,” after his second alleged attempt at killing a cop.

It wasn’t unclear whether the prosecutor or judge was aware of Thompson’s conviction in the 2008 attack on Officer Raptis. The DA’s office declined to comment to The Post for the second straight day Tuesday.

The Post spotted Thompson on Tuesday returning to his Grand Concourse apartment with breakfast from McDonald’s. The suspect declined to comment.

Raptis raged, “Should a person like that be out?

NYPD Officer Demitrios Raptis
NYPD officer Demitrios Raptis is assigned to the 112th Precinct in Queens.
NYPD Officer Demitrios Raptis
NYPD officer Demitrios Raptis seen while rescuing a dog.

“Absolutely not.

“These guys are violent criminals, and they’re being let out with no bail, nothing,” said the cop — who was once featured in an article over his penchant for helping to rescue local animals in distress.

“Everybody’s in and out, that’s the problem. Nobody goes to jail anymore,” Raptis said.

NYPD Officer Demitrios Raptis
NYPD officer Demitrios Raptis is known for rescuing many different animals such as hawks.
NYPD Officer Demitrios Raptis
Suspect Isus Thompson only spent two years in jail after his alleged stabbing on NYPD officer Demitrios Raptis.

“These criminals know, ‘I’m not going to jail. I’m going to Central Booking. I’m going to get a ticket, I’m going to do it again,’ ” he said.

“They know there’s no consequences.”


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