NYC renter discovers creepy, hidden room in apartment



Supernatural squatters?

A New York City woman is convinced her apartment is haunted after uncovering a creepy hidden room straight out of a horror flick. She documented the spine-tingling discovery in a series of TikTok videos that have collectively amassed millions of views.

“Seriously never would I have expected to find this . . . and I documented all of it,” writes Samantha Hartsoe in a caption for the first clip, which boasts a staggering 7.4 million watches.

In the bone-chilling video, entitled “A New York Mystery,” the perplexed renter reveals that she had felt cold air blowing from her bathroom — despite the fact that it has no working vent. Initially thinking nothing of it, she became intrigued after discovering that the draft was coming from behind the bathroom mirror.

The plot thickens in “Part 2,” when Hartsoe and her friends decide to remove the mirror, revealing a dilapidated hallway with a hidden room at the end. One of her pals compares it to the secret dungeon from the movie “Parasite.”

“I have to figure out what’s on the other side of my bathroom,” intones Hartsoe before climbing through a hole in the sheetrock and into the spooky space, leaving the rest of her impromptu “Scooby-Doo” crew on the other side.

Needless to say, TikTok viewers were on the edge of their seats.

Samantha Hartsoe climbs through the small hole behind her bathroom mirror.
Samantha Hartsoe climbs through the small hole behind her bathroom mirror.
@samanthartsoe via TikTok

“ARE YOU OK DO YOU NEED ME TO CALL SOMEONE,” wrote one concerned citizen in reference to the Part 2 cliffhanger.

Another wondered if Hartsoe “made it back,” given that it had been three hours and the explorer hadn’t posted an update.

Others compared the scenario to the movie “Candyman,” in which a women summons a malevolent spirit by calling his name three times in the mirror.

Unfortunately, the reveal — which doesn’t happen until Part 4 — is a bit anticlimactic. After perusing the space while armed with a hammer, Hartsoe discovers what appears to be “a whole other apartment” with a disconnected toilet and some exposed pipes, and strewn with a few trash bags and boxes.

“Made it out alive,” she says after exiting the space, before adding as she replaces her bathroom mirror, “My landlord’s getting a really fun phone call tomorrow.”

It certainly doesn’t a hold to a candle to the white-knuckle incident last week, where two adventurers stumbled upon a ghostly figure in an abandoned UK nursing home.


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