NYC malls lockdown after fireworks mistaken for gunfire



Two city malls were put on lockdown within minutes of each other after fireworks were mistaken for gunfire, police said.

The chilling possibility of an active shooter caused the Saturday lockdowns at the Bay Plaza Mall in the Bronx and Kings Plaza shopping center in Brooklyn, authorities said.

The Bronx incident occurred at about 1:30 p.m, when the fireworks were believed to have been set off near the food court area.

About 15 minutes later at the Kings Plaza mall, there were reports that Macy’s went into lockdown after fireworks were mistaken for shots.

“There were fireworks. No injuries, no arrests at this time,” said an NYPD spokeswoman.

“Was about to do a sisters day at Kings Plaza! Come to get there and everyone is rushing out…I wonder what’s going on..” tweeted [email protected]

The NYPD did not speculate if the two incidents were related or the work of pranksters.


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